On behalf of our candidate for president, #Abbey Laurel-Smith and #ReBuildUSAtoday, the #PILGRIMS Alliance party hereby present views and extracts from a speech made by “#SmithieForPresident” on a variety of topics, ranging from #tax, #education to #technology and #defense – especially his “swift and sure policy” for the new American military as a force and as a service.

I – #ReBuildUSAtoday

Draw a line to anywhere, two hundred miles out in the pacific and it becomes imperative to note the challenges of the future. If defined by trade, it is humongous. If outlined by defense and capabilities, it becomes overwhelming. Defined by size and resources, it is bigger, more capable, culturally richer, challenging and more adaptive than anything we’ve ever seen.

But let’s not forget, we share the same border. We are linked directly by land, nature and similar territorial traits – except one advantage – our modern precedence and young merit as a nation.

Like the days of the English Yeoman under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, ours is a multi-faceted system where the bold, the best and the capable thrive – regardless of race, color and background. Ours is a system where the middle class prosper and those in the mercantile crowd are rewarded for their audacity, bravery,,creativity and the love of God and Country

We are still a young, promising and developing country. And we only have our fore fathers (the first settlers) to look up to. So, in the manner of these bold #Pilgrims, I implore all #Americans today to please join me….take a few steps back to the days before the world wars….go back to constructive American basics – all hands on the deck, as our strength becomes our diversity.

II – #Defense and #Border Security
My type of President will be one to define a strategy for the Pacific, the Pacific Americas and the Northwest passage. Why not do something uniquely American? Make territory, trade, defense, education and border security a top priority.  I will focus on states like Hawaii, Washington, #California – especially #SiliconValley and start to RebuildUSAtoday around these “modern economic facilitating and efficiency” objectives – rather than have it all in #NewYork city, #WashingtonDC, the #American #Northeast and the #American #Atlantic states.

I will not only secure our borders, our territories and our gains as a nation, I will create a special budget to meet the ever changing needs of our special forces operators, our border guards and the custom and excise department. Imagine what could be achieved if our special operations group becomes an Armed group with a budget that is comparable to the Navy or the Air Force. A lot!

Now, let’s talk prototyping. My approach to critical Defense acquisition will be nothing short of “ready to go” Any presented prototype or prototypes must be functioning, ready to go and be more than durable when pushed to the limit, to be acquired. To do otherwise is to leave the public in limbo. If in doubt, then ask yourself, why is it taking more than two decades to build the F-22 or to even field the F-35? Why are these machines costing so much to field?

We need to be more than ready to meet future challenges and prototyping, is just a drop in the ocean. I have other plans for our defense and security industries.

I will propose an immediate and an unconditional exit from NATO. I will create an alternative. My choice, GRAPT (Grand Pacific Treaty) will be for one with best of American territorial interest and defense of trade and military assets in mind. With the inclusion of capable and immediate allies like the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, I will set up GRAPT (Grand Pacific Treaty) Countries like Mexico, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina are welcomed to join. Unlike NATO, GRAPT will not only protect American territorial interests, it will robustly give cover to trade routes and all military assets from within and beyond.

The old Britannia might not be ruling the waves anymore, but with respect to our Cousins’ let’s not forget, the Northwest passage is a shorter and faster route to Asia, Alaska and Russia and the Arctic and who best know these routes than the British and their Arctic outpost all over Canada. No NATO. No EU for me. The last thing we need is a re-awakened RAC, Russian-American Company or having to deal with the old Russian colonization plan for California and Hawaii of pre-independence America in our backyard.



I will increase line, boost capability and departmental reach and size of the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Department by strengthening the office of the National Security Advisor, the CIA and the office of the Defense Secretary. Streamlining the focus of the State Department after Benghazi attack is imperative, if not overdue.

III – #Education, #Culture and #Fashionable #trends
In the face of India/Asia/Russia challenge, our education system in not too far from what it was in the days of slavery. Social expectation of that time was at the level of being able to write your name, sign and maybe read a few lines. Now the demands of our immediate future is more than being able to use your phone or browse the Internet. Americans (young and old) need to be adequately equipped and educated more prepared than they are as at now.

Look at it this way: A child in one of our city schools learning about Oliver Twist for the first time, got handed the same conclusion like his forebears – that poor Oliver Twist was simply greedy and had he featured in today’s Hollywood sponsored movie, most would have psychologically sympathized with his figure as a perfect figure to sympathize with.

Meanwhile, another child, same age, in far away Andaman Island, India, learning about Oliver Twist under a mango tree was encouraged to consider time, place and circumstances before agreeing to whether Master Twist was greedy or not. The wide eyed Andaman kid, thinking Master Twist probably seven in England, Victorian age – a time when you measure anything and everything, refused to accept Oliver Twist was greedy.

“Forget about greed memsahib, I think Master Twist was just asking for what was due a child his age,” the Andaman Indian child replied.

Guess what! The Andaman Indian got a “maximum bonus” for pushing the envelop with his thinking, was made a prefect for that class for the duration of that week till another session when upstaged by another kid in the same class under the mango tree.

This is a true story, and as much as it shows the type of competition we are up against, it also reflect badly on our school system that cost billion of dollars.

We can do a lot better than this.

So, the question is do we need our teacher’s union to keep on backing the same political elites and a system that turn kids into parrot? Do we need to keep pumping up our kids with fashionable trends that are dangerous to arts, to education, to culture and to tradition? My answer is no.


#Education #Healthcare #Insurance and #Women issues

IV – #Family
Couple of decades ago, one member of her family could work and provide for the rest of his family – to have a good home, a TV, a refrigerator, a radio, a car, an insurance coverage, a vacation and even college education for his/her kids. Now that is no more. It is even so bad, women or let’s say the woman of the house now have to work more – just to pay for her own healthcare talk less of the working child in the family.

And someone is grumbling because we want to #RebuildUSAtoday for the better!

That the middle class is not too far from being a farce – if left to a few pleasure kids. And due to old ways of thinking, they obviously will never perform like Dad or Mum. But I will lead and create a system that provides for all, will continue to uphold an American legacy – that all, regardless of race, background or blood line is given access and allowed to come through.

Ours is not a system based solely on legacy and means.

The American Revolutionary Wars, the evolution of the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution and observatory notes made by the Founding Fathers backs me up on this last statement.

V – #Women
Easy being somebody’s daughter, cost more to be a Woman… and it’s not just America alone, look around – world over, any given day, any given time, there are more women at work than men. The truth is women have always worked. Even at a time when muscle and raw energy counted more than brains.

Think Hagar surviving the harshness of the desert with an infant to care for. Think Miriam giving her life to mentor the young Moses – so a God’s wish could be fulfilled. Then look at the same Miriam – dancing, singing, still caring and giving her best all through Exodus. All pointing to the fact that no matter what the circumstance is, Women have always worked, and in this millennium, they are working harder than ever.

Men are just too scared to it to acknowledge it.

Call it social change, social arrangement or whatever, the thing is, has this social arrangement ever been allowed to par up with an economic arrangement it serves? No. Because Women are more likely to be less paid than male counterparts. Women are more likely to have a short career. Women are more likely to take up part-time positions.

Look at it this way, we chose to thank the inventor of vacuum cleaner. We shower praises on the inventor of microwave, pressure cooker and hair dryer – for reducing the amount of time needed for cooking and cleaning up afterwards. But can we really thank these inventors enough – since women still feature between traditional jobs like: healthcare, teaching, social work, mentoring?

Personally, i’d rather not thank them. Family values are failing. Children are paying the price for being in a double-income household all over the city. And worse still, healthcare and insurance coverage still cost more for working Women in today’s America.

My name is #Abbey Laurel-Smith. Easy being somebody’s daughter, cost more to be a Woman, is a cornerstone of my campaign to #RebuildUSAtoday and come November, 2016, I hope #American #voters – especially the #League of #American #Women# Voters, will decide who best to lead the country at this critical moment in our history.



Thank you in advance for your commitment to America.

VI – #Immigration
Rather than talk about modern business of immigration and how this country was founded. Let us look at about Abraham and Sarah, Joseph, Joseph the Carpenter, Mary and Jesus Christ (our savior) We’ll see they are not just religious progenitors we admire, respect, worship and love, they and their families were immigrants running away from farming, drought, deception and persecution. And like immigrants coming to our shores today, they went seeking a better life in Egypt.

As we all know, not only were they able to contribute to the society they migrated to, they influence humanity at large. The Lord God thrived and prophecies fulfilled.

So why can’t we as a collective nation of Christians, connect this narrative to our present.

Another way is this: Christ was born in a place where the sound of a crying infant was easily be drowned by those of goats and other animals. His first breath of life was an air full of dry grass mixed with animal dung, waste and all type of things we considered hazardous today. Why? Because of traditional society’s attitude to his type of parents. Mary was considered a promiscuous teenage, and an unmarried single mother living with an older man. Then, the most immediate danger – the prophecy, the promise and Herod’s order to kill the infant by all means possible.

Gentleman Joseph and Mary fled their homeland, migrated south to Egypt. This could only mean, Christ, as a child, was as undocumented as his parents -undocumented immigrants in Egypt. Herod recounted, allowed a return… Or let’s say, Joseph and his family returned when it was safe enough to do so, but the Sadducees and the Pharisees never recounted, and neither did they forget.

The rest, and the end of an adult Christ is an all too familiar story. Nonetheless, such was the kind of place and environment Jesus was born into. And it is not too different from where some of this immigrants, if not all – are escaping from.

So, every time we deny an immigrant or our immigrant population a grant of stay – by voting elected officials who campaigned on such an issue, we are not behaving like Herod, we are indeed behaving like the Sadducees and the Pharisees.

And if we can’t adopt the gentleman-ness of Joseph, we can at least re-access our stance and use our votes to grant a relief like Herod.

My type of President will be one that says to all immigrants, “Let this be your Passover. And whosoever deny you, is not only denying the spirit of a pass-over, but also denying the spirit of Christ and the flight to Egypt.”

To #Mexicans: As a presidential candidate, my view on immigration and Mexicans is quite simple, practically pragmatic, progressive and comprehensive in the utilitarian and millennium kind of sense.



The simple fact that Mexicans – being of pre-Columbian descent, are an indigenous group that was once local to the south and the western part of the United States, qualifies them to be looked at as an independent group outside the #Latino label. I will therefore grant them indigenous rights here in the United States.

VII – #Tax
Be it industrial tax, small business or taxation system for the public, my type of President is one that believes out tax system need to be overhauled. It could be upgraded and adjusted to accommodate the challenges of today and made ready to meet those of the future.

And when I say future, I mean our tax system cannot be given a face lift by pandering to the need of certain industries alone. No, we need a comprehensive overhaul. We need one that will address the needs of health care cost, cost of essential commodities and cost of insurance for our retirees.

How we deal with an ever changing monetary system to address rising costs, inflation, and other things that might affect working families, single mothers, out of job Americans and retirees is a matter of utmost concern. And these are things my type of President will put before any type of foreign policy.

VIII – #Technology
Microwave, email, cell phone, card payments are simple examples of how positive technology is and has been in our lives. Not only does it improve efficiency at home and at work, it also broaden our experience and knowledge of the new. We think we are in the fore front, but in my book, we are slacking.

My type of President will be one that will actively participate and invest hugely in adaptive technology in every sphere of our lives. We have the physical resources, so why not invest heavily in “deep learning” “new logarithms or alogarithms in the filed of robotics” to “enhance capability in all spheres of economy and defense without hindering performance.  #Russia, #Germany and #China are doing this, why not us?


#Jobs #SmallBusiness #Farmers

IX – #Income disparity, social #welfare, small government and #economy
In my book, addressing income disparity and minimum wage on the local American turf, is another form of shrinking federal government participation in our lives. It is not acid in the face of employers and the contracted as most assumed it to be. No. It is butter for employers, and cheese cake for employees and the contracted – if we adjust certain employment specifics, modern educational needs and update our technical capacity and invest in human resources.

Otherwise, it is worthless calling for small government, if we can’t see it as a way of shedding responsibility.

For example, if the average American earn more, it means he/she will no longer have to be reliant on welfare checks, income support or even social security benefits to make ends meet. He or She might as well join a mandatory healthcare program for all, and relieve employers from taking up that burden. It is a way to keep down a sales tax increase and inflation.

Reality is, a can of ice tea cost more than gas to tank nowadays, meaning, the average American monthly savings has improved. So rather than spend it all on kitchen improvement, garage extension, the next car in the front yard, or recapturing missed holidays, my type of President is one that will encourage family oriented savings, mandatory investment in public infrastructures through floating city and state bonds, encourage an upsurge in public/community privatization, create schools for material technology and encourage skill based hobbies for all.

This is one way of increasing the percentage of sales that goes into each community before the state.

On the international front, I will grow the American economy through trade, development and socio-cultural interaction. Rather than militarize our Police force on one hand and then deny proper training on the other hand, I’d rather boost Asia-pivot with a long term lend-lease agreement with countries that feel threatened by Russo-Chinese and Vietnam expansion into the Pacific theater. Not only is this a bigger every threat to their security as nations in South Asia, it is also a bigger to every living American. In fact, much bigger, much capable and very technical than anything we’ve ever had to deal with.

These done, I guarantee the average American will be on tract to becoming more and more equipped for the future than we are as at now. It in in my best interest to make sure the average American have better independent options.

I have other ways to boost the economy and make life a lot better for Americans.

XI – #Farms and #water #farming
Been #Campaigning about #Drinking #Water #Water #Farming #Water #Treatment for a year and a half now. The quality of water that comes out of most #Taps across #America, it’s neglect, and the way it’s being treated is abysmal. And as I’ve always said, “this is one more reason to call for an infrastructure upgrade in the U.S., and the first step to take if I have to #RebuildUSAtoday.”

Fact is: most of our #Cities and #Urban areas are still running on World War I #DrinkingWater networks. So, should we be surprised to hear that #WhatComesOutOfOurTaps today is bad? Yes. Should we be concerned? Yes. Why? Because our tap water today, pose health risks to everyone one of us. Not just people that are poor, or those who have problem(s) with their immune system. No.

And guess who is most susceptible to rustic #pipe borne contaminants!

#Women, #Pregnant women and the next generation of #Kids – born and unborn. The elderly, the aged – our #retirees. #HillaryClinton is not talking about this #WomenIssue. Neither is #BernieSanders #Trump #TedCruz #JebBush and the rest. Reason, they are all sponsored by bottled water companies in #WaterCrisis cities like:

#Albuquerque #Atlanta #Chicago #Detroit #Houston #LosAngeles #NewOrleans #Newark #Philadelphia #Phoenix #SanDiego #WashingtonD.C. #Baltimore #Fresno #Denver #Manchester #Seattle.

As a #Presidential #Candidate for #Election2016, I will embark on modernizing #American water systems, and I will offer mandatory protection of all drinking water sources in the U.S.

#Americans, be informed and get involved. It’s time to stop drinking water from getting worse.


#Water #Climate and #Environmental issues

As an #Independent and a #Progressive, I need your support for this campaign to #MoveAmericaForward.

Read more of my views and plans to #ReBuildUSAtoday at #veterans’talkback on, #Quora at and at